The Chronicle

The Charnwood Chronicle has been the most important means of communication between our members from the time of our creation. The Chronicle is a periodical (or in other words: a journal issued on regular intervals), which have been edited by our friend, Peter Tyrrell. You can read the Charnwood Chronicle by clicking on the attatched files below.


Attachment Size
SEPT16.pdf2_.pdf 1.79 MB
The Chronicle Jun 2016.pdf 1.76 MB
The Chronicle Dec 2015.pdf 2.65 MB
The Chronicle Sep 2015.pdf 1.82 MB
The Chronicle Jun 2015.pdf 1.49 MB
The Chronicle Conference Special 2014.pdf 702.71 KB
The Chronicle Sep 2014.pdf 1.45 MB
The Chronicle Mar 2014.pdf 3.7 MB
New Year Special 2014.pdf 1.56 MB
The Chronicle Dec 2013.pdf 1.34 MB
The Chronicle Sep 2013.pdf 1.78 MB
The Chronicle May 2013.pdf 927.89 KB
New Year Special 2013.pdf 1.42 MB
DEC16pdf.pdf 2.02 MB
JUNE17pdfX (3).pdf 1.33 MB