CPF stands for Conservative Policy Forum.

Most voters have some interest in Conservative policies and many can be supportive and/or critical. The idea of Cpf is to gather together all strands of opinion from the Association and put them into a form that represents our view in total. The free flow of ideas and opinions is stimulating.

The system is simple! New policy briefs are developed by the Party Research Dept. under Rt. Hon. Oliver Letwin MP. These are sent to all Constituency Cpf Chairmen who then pass them on to those who have asked to receive them. A meeting is arranged and a report of our discussions is sent to CPHQ where our input is disseminated with that of all other associations so that Shadow Cabinet spokespersons can be briefed as to what grass roots opinion is. A summary report is sent back. IT WORKS.

We have most recently discussed all the usual headline issues health, education, immigration, pensions, Europe etc

Our numbers are increasing but more are always welcome. Friends may come if they are accompanied and vouched for by fully accredited members. For further details of CPF contact charnwoodca@btconnect.com