Election results


The Executive Council of Charnwood Conservative Association includes the following members:

  • The President & three Vice Presidents (four in total)
  • Association Chairman
  • Deputy Political
  • Deputy Membership and fundraising
  • Treasurer
  • MP (non-voting)
  • Two MEPs (non-voting)
  • Area Chairman
  • Two representatives from each Branch of the Association ( in total)
  • Two representatives from the County Council (two in total)
  • Five representatives from the Charnwood Borough Council (five in total)
  • Representatives from the Blaby District Council (two in total)
  • Representative form Hinckley & Bosworth (one)

These 39 members have voting rights.

The Executive Council selects the Candidate for the Parliament via a secret ballot.


Attached are two self-explanatory files which show the most recent County and Borough Councils' results. 

Click on county council election results since 2009 and borough & district council election results since 2011.

I also attach three graphical maps, providing an idea about the boundaries for the County Council Divisions, the Borough Council Wards and the Charnwood Conservative Association Branches. Click on:

charnwood county divisions boundaries,

charnwood borough wards boundaries, and

charnwood conservative association branches.


-The Conservative Party Constitution
-Procedure for the Selection of Local Government Candidates
-Newark Conservative Association Strategy 2010-13
-Campaigning - Membership Recruitment
-How to form a branch
-officer deputy chairman political

-Council Candidate Application Form
-Reapproval application form




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Cllr Deborah Taylor

Cllr Deborah Taylor is the County Councillor for the Bradgate division which includes Anstey, Newtown Linford, Ulverscroft, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, Cropston, Thurcaston and Swithland and a Borough Councillor for Anstey. 

Tel: 0116 2350126