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Anstey Ward by-election December 20, 2018

Anstey Ward By-Election

Due to the sad death of Cllr John Sutherington (Lib Dem) a by-election was held on December 20, 2018

It was a two horse race and our candidate was Prof. Paul R Baines.


After months of campaigning, leafleting and canvassing in all types of weather. It our pleasure to announce that Edward Argar has been reelected as the member of parliament for Charnwood.

Election results:

ARGAR, Edward John Comport The Conservative Party  33,318

Ed Argar's message

We have made real progress on getting the economy back on its feet and getting public spending under control. The deficit has been more than halved, employment levels are high, and the economy continues to grow, but there is no room for complacency...


The start of a New Year is a time to reflect on the year gone by, but it’s also a time for make resolutions and to look forward to the year ahead.  It is a time of change, and hope for what the New Year brings. As we begin 2016, in terms of a political resolution there can only be one, and that is to continue with the job of rebuilding our economy, protecting the strong economic progress we have made as a country, continuing to support more people to secure jobs, and continuing to take the difficult decisions so we live within our means and bring our debts down. In looking at the year ahead, I also particularly welcome the long overdue debate on Europe, and the referendum. Whatever view you take on this issue, it will give all of us our say on the hugely important question of whether the UK should remain a member of the EU or leave. Internationally the world in 2016 remains a complex and dangerous place, but I hope that this year will see renewed efforts to bring peace to those parts of the world, like Syria, suffering from conflict, and renewed efforts to defeat the evil of terrorism. More locally, in 2015 we achieved some real success in stopping the planned new development in Rearsby which would have fundamentally changed the character of this beautiful village – in 2016 we must keep up the campaign to ensure that where major development happens it is in keeping with an area and does not harm its character. 

Edward’s Message

It has been an incredibly busy and active three months in the constituency and in Parliament since being elected, and although Parliament doesn’t sit in August that doesn’t mean that work has stopped! The letters and casework still flow in, and so have very welcome invitations to attend community events in villages right across the constituency. As well as supporting these events that bring our com-munities together, I have also been undertaking a programme of ‘Village Hall Drop-In Surgeries’ across the constituency. As well as continuing my regular appointment sur-geries in Thurmaston & Syston, to make it even easier for people to come and see me I have begun working my way through a summer programme of local drop-in surgeries ‘on the road’ in Village and Parish Halls. But, with Parliament set to return for two weeks in September it is also a good opportunity to reflect on what that session is likely to hold for us.

Ed Argar MP for Charnwood

Well done Edward and all conservative councillors.The Conservatives have easily held onto power in Charnwood.Last time around, the seat was won by Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell with a comfortable majority of more than 15,000.After Mr Dorrell announced his decision to step down at this election, we choseEdward Argar to come to Charnwood and fight for the seat.He won with a majority of nearly 17,000 votes!Ed Argar said: "It's a huge privilege to be elected to serve the whole community of Charnwood, working for all who care about this fantastic part of the country."The result:Edward Argar (Conservative) 28,384Sean Kelly-Walsh (Labour) 11,453Lynton Yates (UKIP) 8,330Robert Sansome (Liberal Democrats) 3,605Cathy Duffy (BNP) 489      

Edward Argar PPC for Charnwood

Edward is hugely honoured to have been selected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Charnwood for the forthcoming general election. Born in 1977, Edward now lives in Syston, in the heart of the Charnwood constituency, but is originally from Kent where he attended his local state grammar school before studying for a history degree at Oriel College, Oxford. Edward’s parents were both teachers - his mother originally from a farming family, his father from an army family.

Stephen Dorrell steps down

Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell, a cabinet minister in John Major's government, is to stand down next May after 35 years in parliament. The MP for Charnwood in Leicestershire has accepted a job as a health policy consultant with accountancy firm KPMG. Mr Dorrell, on the centre-left of the party, became an MP in 1979. He was health secretary during the BSE crisis and a Treasury minister on "Black Wednesday", when the UK's pound crashed out of Europe's ERM. As a backbencher, he served as chairman of the health select committee between 2010 and 2014. In his resignation letter to the chair of his local party, Mr Dorrell said his decision marked a "bitter sweet moment". His new position at KPMG would be "incompatible" with his role as an MP, he said. He described himself as a "strong supporter of the Coalition" but pledged to campaign for a majority Conservative government at the general election. Read more in the Charnwood Chronicle.

Special Guest for the Annual Dinner 6 Nov 2014

Matthew Parris was educated at Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa, and Clare College Cambridge gaining a first class degree in Law, offered a job as a secret agent instead worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for two years. Then joined the Conservative Research Department and moved on to become correspondence secretary to Margaret Thatcher.

Are we ready for 2015?

The by-election results in a Borough ward in the middle of England can easily escape the attention of the media. However, Thurmaston in Leicestershire is very representative. It is sitting between Leicester and the countryside and, although it belongs to the County, it is actually a continuity of the City. Furthermore, it has a fair and very representative presence of ethnic communities.  In 2011 the vote was split between Conservatives and Labours.  In the July 2014 Borough by-election we observed a very interesting, albeit disturbing, phenomenon. The Labour vote remained solidly the same, while the Conservative vote was split two ways, to UKIP and Conservatives.  This is coming as a brutal reminder of the political reality just six months before the general elections. It also shows that the political currents in the UK have not been fully understood and appreciated. And there is a rapid evolution of these currents.