Edward Argar re-elected Dec 2019

"While none of us wanted or were looking forward to the first election campaign in the middle of December since 1923, the result, both locally and nationally, has shown the PM was spot-on to call it, and has made everything worthwhile! As you will have seen, nationally Boris secured for our Party a majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons - the best result for our Party since the 1980s - and locally here in Charnwood we secured a majority of 22,397 - the largest majority ever achieved since this seat was created in 1997.

That we achieved this locally and nationally is down to all of you, our Party Members, and your hard work campaigning, your support, your donations, and your spreading the word on why a vote for the Conservatives was the right thing locally and for our country. So a HUGE thank you to all of you! Since 2015 when I was first selected as our candidate for Charnwood, and elected as our MP, I have always been grateful for the amazing support, and friendship, you have given me, and this election has just reinforced that gratitude. 

As we, rightly, celebrate the success of our work and campaign, we also need to get back to work very quickly, and (after a brief pause to catch up on sleep!) I return to Westminster to get on with delivering on the trust that the voters have placed in me and in our Party. We must get on with getting Brexit done; unleashing our country's potential; and delivering the promises in our manifesto: investing in our schools; funding another 20,000 Police Officers; and investing an extra £33.9 billion in our NHS. There is much work to do, and we will be starting that work before Christmas. 

But, for now, can I once again say thank you very much for your support and your friendship, and wish you all a very Happy Christmas."

Edward Argar MP. December 2019