After months of campaigning, leafleting and canvassing in all types of weather. It our pleasure to announce that Edward Argar has been reelected as the member of parliament for Charnwood.

Election results:

ARGAR, Edward John Comport The Conservative Party  33,318

CONNOR, Victoria Jayne UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,471

COX, Nick The Green Party  1,036

DENHAM, Stephen Joseph British National Party 322

KELLY-WALSH, Sean Gerard Labour Party 16,977

SANSOME, Simon Robert  Liberal Democrats  2,052


Overall turnout was 70.67% 

Ed was duly elected with a majority of 16341. 

During his speech, he thanked the other candidates and the general public for voting for him. 

Watch his acceptance speech at the link below (thanks to Cllr Renata Jones)

At the Charnwood Conservative Association, we are very pleased to be working with Ed for the next 5 years, in order to improve the area and resources.