Edward’s Message

It has been an incredibly busy and active three months in the constituency and in Parliament since being elected, and although Parliament doesn’t sit in August that doesn’t mean that work has stopped! The letters and casework still flow in, and so have very welcome invitations to attend community events in villages right across the constituency. As well as supporting these events that bring our com-munities together, I have also been undertaking a programme of ‘Village Hall Drop-In Surgeries’ across the constituency. As well as continuing my regular appointment sur-geries in Thurmaston & Syston, to make it even easier for people to come and see me I have begun working my way through a summer programme of local drop-in surgeries ‘on the road’ in Village and Parish Halls.

But, with Parliament set to return for two weeks in September it is also a good opportunity to reflect on what that session is likely to hold for us.


As I write this we still don’t know who Labour will elect as their new Leader, and it is certainly the case that they are going through a brutal and at times vicious leader-ship election that is tearing their party apart, but….while it might be tempting to see this and the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader as a reason for us to relax, I think the opposite is true. Now is the time, in Parliament and campaigning out and about around the country, not to indulge in complacency but re-double our efforts to deliver the policies we prom-ised and to continue arguing our case.I believe that we can be proud of what we have achieved as a Party so far as we have set about repaying the trust that was placed in us and in delivering on our pledges – be it on the EU Refer-endum Bill or Scotland Bill and ‘English Votes for English Laws’ both currently working their way through Parliament, or on continuing the job of fixing our economy and building the One Nation we aspire to - but we still have a lot to do and there will be some tough decisions and hard work ahead. Electorally we must get our-selves ready to campaign hard next year to secure a strong Conservative win in our local Police and Crime Commissioner elections and begin laying the groundwork for the County Council elections in 2017.

We can look forward to the Party Conference as a Party in good heart and for the first time since 1996 we will be attending a Conservative Party Conference with a majority Conservative Government in power. And as a country I believe we can look forward with confidence – there is still much to do but we are firmly on the right track. So while I hope everyone has had a pleasant and relaxing sum-mer I hope you, like me, are all ready to return to the fray in the Autumn to continue delivering on our promises, doing the right thing for our country, and getting our Conservative messages across.