August 2019 Newsletter:

Firstly, many thanks to those members and friends who attended the June Summer Lunch with Andrea Leadsom.  Apart from hearing an excellent and passionate speaker, who spoke personally to most people, we managed a record attendance of 50.  The event also contributed to Association funds.  We are now looking to arrange an Autumn Dinner event.

Leadership Election

Thanks also to all those members who supported and voted in the recent Leadership Election.  We heard today that 139,318 members voted, a ‘turn-out’ of 87.4%.  Boris and his team have certainly hit the ground with energy and enthusiasm.  Let us hope that they manage the very daunting challenges ahead of them, deliver on the Brexit promise and are then able to focus on the many areas of a domestic agenda which have been neglected in recent times.

Congratulations also to our own  Ed Argar, who received a phone call from our new Prime Minister, asking him to continue in his Ministerial Post as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice.  Great news and well deserved.

Other News Updates:

Our Officer Team focus and time to date was on our successful Local Elections in May and subsequently the recent Leadership Election.  

Our next elections to prepare for locally, are Police & Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire in May 2020, and our County Councillors in 2021. Additionally there could be a snap General Election at any time – if our Press and journalists are to be believed!! But let us hope it’s not until 5thMay 2022 as scheduled!


Despite recent turbulent times, our Charnwood Association party membership, has seen a welcome steady increase with an increase of 43 members or almost 16%.

Progress of Charnwood Young Conservatives

Following our June 25thlaunch and the appointment of Alex Ross (Syston) as first Chair of the CYC branch, Alex has set up an inaugural Committee of 4 people, who are planning a first year programme of events and meetings. Alex and YC committee colleagues have been invited by Andrea Leadsom to visit her South Northants constituency, where in recent years they have developed a 50 strong Young Conservative branch.  Alex is co-ordinating this visit, following his recent 3 week stint as a key Volunteer who organised the recent Leicestershire International Scout Camp.  

Please pass Alex’s contact ( to any potentially interested young people of YC age range ie teenager to 25 (under 23 membership £5/year) – and so ‘spread the word’ to help build this important Charnwood YC branch essential to our party future!

PCC Elections – May 2020

Our Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner is Rupert Matthews, who until recently was one of our MEPs in Brussels.