Ed Argar MP for Charnwood

Well done Edward and all conservative councillors.

The Conservatives have easily held onto power in Charnwood.

Last time around, the seat was won by Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell with a comfortable majority of more than 15,000.

After Mr Dorrell announced his decision to step down at this election, we chose

Edward Argar to come to Charnwood and fight for the seat.

He won with a majority of nearly 17,000 votes!

Ed Argar said: "It's a huge privilege to be elected to serve the whole community of Charnwood, working for all who care about this fantastic part of the country."

The result:

Edward Argar (Conservative) 28,384

Sean Kelly-Walsh (Labour) 11,453

Lynton Yates (UKIP) 8,330

Robert Sansome (Liberal Democrats) 3,605

Cathy Duffy (BNP) 489